Club Equipment Purchase Procedure


Club Equipment Purchasing Policy


In order to streamline the process for ordering of club equipment all requests for equipment should now be emailed to

 This e-mail is to be used to request all types of equipment e.g. footballs, sliotars, hurls cones etc. and all types of clothing, e.g. jerseys, socks, hoodies, jackets etc.

Only requests made through this e-mail address will be considered.

The following information should be included in the e-mail

·        Name of mentor and team

·        Type and amount of equipment requested and indicative cost

·        Reason for purchase

·        Date equipment is required by. Please allow sufficient time for order and delivery

 You will receive a response within five working days detailing if all or part of your order request has been approved.

 As of 1st Feb only requests submitted through this e-mail address will be considered.