Hurl Repair Procedure

St Finians Hurl Repair Procedure 2016 

1)When a Hurl(s) is damaged during a match or training the Adult Player/ Juvenile Parent* contacts the Club Hurl repair person directly (Name & number detailed below) and requests a repair of the Hurl.

2)The Club Hurl repair person will arrange with the Adult Player/ Juvenile Parent a time for the damaged Hurl to be handed in for repair.

3)The Hurl repair person will then assess whether the Hurl can be reasonably repaired.

4)If the Hurl can be repaired internally by the club hurl repair person(s) the repair will be complete within one week.

5)When the Hurl is repaired the Club Hurl repair person will repair the Hurl and contact the Player/ Juvenile Parent arranging a time for collection of the repair. 

6)The player/ Juvenile Parent will then collect the Hurl from the Club Hurl    repair person and pay a refundable €5.00 charge.

7)The Club Hurl repair person will give a receipt to the Player/ Juvenile Parent.

8)The Adult Player/ Juvenile Parent can then claim a full refund of the €5.00 charge (if a paid up Club member) from the Club office. (Similar to the current Club Physio procedure). 

9)If the Hurl cannot be repaired internally, the Adult Player/ Juvenile Parent will be advised and the Hurl must then be handed into the Club office for repair by an external repair Company/Person. The Club office will organise the repair and contact the player/ Juvenile Parent when the repair is complete.

Tony Murnane – 086 3618967

* Please note only the parents of players under 16 can contact the Club Hurl repair person directly.