Clubhouse Security

St. Finian's Clubhouse Security Notice

For Team Mentors

Mentors are asked to be mindful of clubhouse security when training or playing matches. Prior to leaving the Clubhouse to take to the field please follow the security points listed below:

  • Teams should enter and exit the building via the back door to assist with security and maintenance.

  • Ensure both dressing rooms, Home and Away are locked. Numbered Dressing Room keys are hanging inside the kitchen. A key can be given to the away team mentor.

  • After matches please leave both dressing room doors unlocked and return keys to the kitchen. Do not leave them in the doors.

  • Make sure the Clubhouse is secure. The Clubhouse may be unoccupied during matches or training so please ensure that the front and back doors are locked and that you have your fob in order to enter the building after the training/match.

  • Ensure that teams re-enter the clubhouse via the back door after training and matches. There is a cold water tap at the rear of the building. Boot cleaning facilities will also be made available at the rear of the building